Weltzerebralparese Tag 06.10.2021 rückt näher! Wir sind weltweit vernetzt!

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Die ganze „konduktive Welt“ erwartet sehnsüchtig den Weltzerebralparesen Tag am 06. Oktober 2021 und bereitet sich schon für diesen besonderen Tag vor, um auf die wundervolle aber auch hilfsbedürftige Welt der Menschen mit Zerebralparese aufmerksam zu machen!

Folgende E-Mail mit Ermunterung haben wir von unserer Kolleginen aus Australien erhalten:

We’re just 5 weeks away from World Cerebral Palsy Day. We hope you’re as excited as us about this
year’s Millions Of Reasons campaign.


There are millions of reasons to make your voice heard on October 6. Join the movement to help us
create awareness and action around cerebral palsy, celebrate the community and its diversity, and make the world a better place. We’ve got everything you need to help you engage your audiences.


Available for download NOW on at worldcpday.org/tools are the following assets and tools:


Campaign assets:

Event Guide – Your how-to-guide for the Millions Of Reasons campaign

5 x Social Tiles – Varied social media content you are free to use.
Reference the Event Guide for further guidance on how to make the most of these

Event Poster – Post it up at your workplace or ask your local cafe
to help spread the word

Millions Of Reasons logos – We invite you to create your own
Millions Of Reasons content too! You can add the logo to your posts to help
promote the day

Educational tools

What is Cerebral Palsy Infographic poster

What is Cerebral Palsy slide show presentation

Diagnosis and Treatment poster

My Favourite Words poster


By next week, the versions of the above assets in other languages will also be available for
download on the website.


As we move closer to World Cerebral Palsy Day, please ensure you’ve subscribed for the latest updates and
ensure it doesn’t get stuck in your spam folder!


Also, a note to say if your organisation gets any stories or articles covered by the media about your
World Cerebral Palsy Day activations, please share it with us – we love to hear from you and could also amplify this on our channels!